The Grizzly Ranch Mineral Update

Record Niobrara horizontal well in Jackson county?s North Park basin was reported in October 2013 by EE3, LLC., an independent oil and gas exploration company headquartered in Boulder Colorado. The well, Hebron #3-12H, located on the south end of the Grizzly Ranch reported a flow of 1,054 barrels of oil in a 24-hour test period. Currently there are two productive wells on the Grizzly Ranch and a horizontal well on the north side of the ranch. EE3, LLC. holds the mineral lease on the Grizzly Ranch and approximately 100,000 acres in the North Park basin. In addition, EE3, LLC.?s well Damfino #02-06H, located to the south the Grizzly Ranch, reported 20,542 barrels of oil equivalent during a 30 day test period and averaged 685 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Two days after the 30 day test period on December 5, 2013, the well was flowing 715 barrels of oil equivalent per day. The company?s website is