Community Agriculture Alliance: Keeping the Yampa Local

The American West has been defined by water, and as our population grows, the dialog will be more accurately defined by its limits. History illustrates access to water shaped the western states, and as more arid cities continue with significant growth, coupled with periods of drought and climate change, the western states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado are … [Read more...]

Community Agriculture Alliance: Planning for ‘wet water’

The Yampa-White-Green Roundtable met last week in Craig to further discuss Northwest Colorado’s Basin Implementation Plan that in July will be sent to the Colorado Water Conservation Board to be implemented into the 2015 Colorado State Water Plan. The roundtable consists of 25 board members from across the three drainage region, and the BIP plan will focus on consumptive needs, non-consumptive … [Read more...]

Community Agriculture Alliance: Water is for fighting

"Whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting.” You've heard the proverbial quote before, and you will hear it louder and more often in the Yampa River basin. Western water law, state water compacts, water policy and the implications of this public resource will continue to be extremely complex and highly charged into the future. Western water “grabbing” wars began in the mid-1800s. Periods … [Read more...]