What is Mitigation Banking?

What is Mitigation Banking. The dictionary definition of mitigation is “to reduce the effect of an action.” In wetland regulations, the term has the same meaning -to reduce the negative effects of a proposed development activity. When application is made for a permit to fill a wetland, a process must be followed to mitigate the negative impacts to the wetland. In Colorado, wetland impacts are … [Read more...]

Community Agriculture Alliance: Planning for ‘wet water’

The Yampa-White-Green Roundtable met last week in Craig to further discuss Northwest Colorado’s Basin Implementation Plan that in July will be sent to the Colorado Water Conservation Board to be implemented into the 2015 Colorado State Water Plan. The roundtable consists of 25 board members from across the three drainage region, and the BIP plan will focus on consumptive needs, non-consumptive … [Read more...]